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Made in Fitzrovia

The client was Harry Handelsman of Manhattan Loft Corporation, the developer who brought loft living to London. “It could have been a cool apartment building but I wanted to do something more exciting,” starts Harry.

“An oasis in the busy centre of the city,” says Harry. As if in anticipation of its green heart, the communal areas are lined with full height woodland images shot on a plate camera by artist and photographer Peter Lavery”.

“I got to know lots of artists at the Groucho Club. I used to spend far too much time there!” Harry laughs. He’s an Artangel Trustee. “Artangel is absolutely wonderful. It’s as close as is possible to the perfect organisation. It’s right on the zeitgeist. It means I am the first to know what’s next in the art world!”

Peter Lavery is a photographer of International stature who has been commissioned to create a series of art works for Fitzrovia apartments. His work focuses on images of forests, “ Altered forests “ as Lavery describes them, photographed in all seasons of the year. Lavery has been working on this series for the last four years. His work is about “Manipulating and capturing the ever changing landscape … creating a vision that is more than naturalistic representation”. The lightness and transparency of HOK’s architecture provides an ideal context for his work.